Selecting connection type attributes

Depending on your connection type, you can select which of its attributes you want to make available for importing, linking and reporting purposes.

To select the connection type attributes:
  1. In the Connection Type Properties grid, click Available Attributes, then click to open the Select Attribute window.
    The displayed Available Objects depend on the Object Class that you have already set up.
  2. Double-click each Available Object that you want to access.
    Your selection appears in the Selected Objects list.

Alternatively, click and to add and remove objects.

  1. Click the attribute Title, Description or Size (object field length) to modify it as required.
  2. Click OK to save your changes.

If you have set up a connection type for a Generic Data Source, then you need to select a Primary Key from the drop-down list. This must be a unique attribute, for example User ID.