Viewing a report within the Ivanti Console

To view a report within the Console:
  1. Start the Crystal Reports component.
  2. On the Reports tree, locate the relevant report, the on the Actions list, click View Report.
    If the report uses prompts, then the Enter Parameter Values dialog box appears.
  3. Select the relevant Parameter Field, and then in the Discrete Value box, define the parameters for the report.
  4. Click OK.
    The report appears in the Report workspace.

Crystal Reports toolbar

In addition to the standard Console toolbar, when you use the Crystal Reports component, the following toolbar is also available:



Exports the report.

Refreshes the data in the report.

Zoom Out.

Zoom In.

First page of the report.

Previous page of the report.

Next page of the report.

Last page of the report.

Hides or displays the report tree.

Enables you to search the report for a specific item.