Setting default values

If you have any unmapped target attributes (that is, no data being imported from the source attributes), you can specify a default value for that attribute. When you create a new attribute and specify a default value, for example annual depreciation at 20%, that value will be added to all existing records in the database. If you do not specify a default value, all existing calls will have a zero or empty value for that field, and you will have to enter the data manually.

Imported default values will not overwrite existing data. Depending on your privileges, you can manually edit the information after the data import is finished.

To set the default value for a target attribute:
  1. Start Data Import.
  2. Open the relevant Import Configuration.
  3. On the Target Attributes tree, right-click the business object, then click Default Values.
    The window opens for that business object. For example, if you selected the Incident business object, then its associated window will open.
  4. Specify the required default values, then click OK.
  5. Click .