Configuring diagnostic logging

You set up Framework and Web Access diagnostic logging using the Ivanti Configuration Center.

For more information about the Configuration Center, see the Setup Guide.

To configure diagnostic logging:
  1. In a web browser, open http://server_name/ConfigurationCenter.
    Where server_name is the name of the Web server.
    The Logon page appears.
  2. Enter the User Name and Password, then click Log On.
    The Current Instances page appears.

This user name and password are specific to the Ivanti Configuration Center.

The default User Name and Password are sa and administrator. The User Name is not case sensitive; the Password is case sensitive.

  1. Click the required instance.
  2. Under the Configured Applications group, alongside Service Desk Framework or Web Access, click Diagnostics.
    The Diagnostics dialog appears.
  3. Select the required trace levels for the required categories, then click OK.

For information about the different trace levels, seeTrace levels. For information about the different logging categories, see Logging categories. You can set the Default logging level for all logging categories, and then override the default level for specific logging categories using the category-specific list box.