Outbound reports

Using the Report window, you can specify which existing Crystal Report you want to generate and send with outbound e-mail. If you want to send a report of the process status, use AutoEmailReport.rpt.

For information about creating a Crystal Report, see the Crystal Reports documentation.

For information about using Crystal Reports from within Service Desk or Asset Manager, including adding, deleting, viewing, exporting, searching for specific words and e-mailing reports, see Crystal Reports.

You can choose to either embed the report, or attach it to the e-mail. You can configure only one outbound report for each process.

To send a report with outbound e-mail:
  1. From the Administration shortcut group, start Mail.
  2. In the E-mail Setup tree, click the Reports folder, then in the Actions list, click New Report.
    The Report page appears.
  3. Type a Title, then select the required Process, and if required Template.
  4. In the Outbound Report group box, select the Crystal Reports option button.
  5. Click Find to browse for the relevant Crystal Report.
  6. In the Report to Mail Association group box, click Embedded to place the report inside the main body of the outbound e-mail, or click Attached to attach the report to the e-mail as a separate document.
  7. Click .