OCR Api Settings

You can extract the text from an image using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technologies and store this text in a separate field as part of a process. The OCR technology used (Abbyy) is hosted in the cloud, and you need to subscribe and register an account at http://ocrsdk.com/ for your organization to use it. You then need to create an application on the Abbyy web site for your system to use.

Url – the URL for the OCR web service. Set this to https://cloud.ocrsdk.com/

Account ID – your Abbyy application name.

Account Password – your Abbyy application password.

Maximum Wait Time – how long you want your system to wait for a response. We have found that after about 10 seconds any results returned are often of poor quality, so we recommend setting this value to 10.

For information about using the OCR behavior, see the Designer Guide. For information about how to combine this functionality with the Populate Search Matches action to provide the Ivanti SnapIT feature, see the Knowledge Management Guide. The Ivanti SnapIT feature enables users to supply an image of an error message and automatically be returned the best solutions found in the knowledge database for that error.