Changing the user type of an existing user

There may be times when you need to change the user type of an existing user. For example, you want to change a Contact to an End User.

If you do not have the same attributes for the proposed user type that you are switching to, you may lose some data. We recommend that when changing user types, that if you want specific attributes to be transferred, then you modify the attributes for the proposed user type. For example, a Contact has the Company and Account Manager attributes, but the End User does not.

You cannot change the user type if you have enabled automatic versioning for the user object. For more information, see Making attributes of a user versionable.

To change the user type of an existing user:
  1. Start the Administration component.
  2. Expand the User Management tree, and open the relevant user window.
  3. On the Actions list, click Change User Type.
    The Select User Type dialog appears.
  4. Select the required User Type, then click OK.
    If the proposed user type is missing specific attributes, a message box appears. If the proposed user type has the all of the relevant attributes, then this message does not appear. Go to step 6.
  5. If you do not need to transfer the information stored in these attributes, click Yes on the message box.
    The user window appears.

If you do want the information to be transferred, then click No, and create the required attributes on the relevant target User Type. For information about creating attributes, see the Designer Guide.

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