Enabling data partitioning

You need to specify which customers and support groups you want to apply data partitioning to. You do this using the Administration component.

To enable data partitioning:
  1. In the Administration component, expand the User Management tree.
  2. Expand the Groups branch, then select the Customer or Support Group folder as required.
  3. On the Actions list click Enable Partitioning.
    A message box appears advising that if you have a large number of groups, that this may take some time.

Alternatively, on the User Management tree, right-click the Customer or Support Group folder, then click Enable Partitioning.
To remove partitioning, in the Actions list, click Disable Partitioning.

  1. Click Yes to continue.
    Data partitioning is enabled. When your customers or analysts run queries, they will see only information that is relevant to them.

You can also enable data partitioning for individual customers or support groups. To do this, add the Enforce Partitioning attribute as a check box to the relevant window using the Window Manager component. Then in the Administration component, select the check box for the required groups and save the changes.

For information about adding attributes to windows, see the Designer Guide.