Associating e-mail addresses with users

You can associate users with their e-mail addresses to enable them to interact with the system using e-mail. The Mail component enables you configure how the system creates and updates processes from an e-mail, and how it communicates the progress of a process with the appropriate users.

For more information, see Mail.

To associate an e-mail address with a user:
  1. Start the Administration component.
  2. Expand the User Management tree, and double-click the required user.
  3. On the User window, type the Email Address.

You can associate multiple e-mail addresses with a user account, and also whether or not all of these e-mail addresses are to be used when contacting the user.

You may need to add more fields to the User window to do this, and if you want to associate more than two e-mail addresses with a user, you will also need to create more attributes for the User object. For more information about designing windows and creating new attributes, see the Designer Guide.

By default, there are two e-mail address attributes on the User object called Email Address and Email Address 2. There is also a boolean Send To All Email Addresses attribute. You can add these attributes to the User windows using Window Manager. Selecting the Send To All Email Addresses check box on the User window results in Mail Manager sending outbound e-mails to each of the user's e-mail addresses when required.

If you need further e-mail address fields on your user records, you can add them using Object Designer.

To add another e-mail address field to the User object:
  1. In Object Designer, display the System\User object.
  2. In the Actions list, click New Attribute.
    A new attribute appears in the Attributes tree.
  3. Complete the Properties grid as required.
  4. Alongside the String SubDataType (User) property, select AdditionalEmailAddress, then click .
    The new attribute is saved.

The Email Address attribute has the String SubDataType (User) property set to DefaultEmailAddress. You cannot change this setting.