Adding gadgets to a dashboard

When you have created a dashboard, you can add gadgets to it. Before you can add gadgets to a dashboard, you must be in design mode.

To add a gadget to a dashboard:
  1. Open the required dashboard in Web Desk.
  2. In the dashboard's title bar, click , then click Design Mode.
  3. Right-click the required dashboard column, then click Add new gadget.
    The Choose Gadget dialog appears.

The Trend gadget is available only if you have a license for Ivanti Management Information. For more information, see What is Ivanti Management Information?.

  1. Type the Title that you want to appear in the gadget's title bar.
  2. Select the gadget that you want to add, then click OK.
    The gadget is added to the dashboard. Depending on the gadget you chose, you may have to complete another dialog before the gadget appears.

For more information about the different gadgets, see Dashboard gadgets.

To delete a gadget, click in the gadget's title bar, then click Delete.
To move a gadget, click it, then drag it to the required position. If you have set up a multilingual system, you can add translations for the gadget title by clicking on the gadget title bar, then clicking Localize Gadget Title. For more information about configuring a multilingual system, see Designing a multilingual system.