Associating a calendar with an action in a process

This section describes how to create an action in a process that displays a calendar to enable users to schedule appointments for objects that are associated with the process. First, you create an action that has the Allow Association With Window property set to True, then you set the Display as a Calendar in Web Access? property for this action in the process diagram to True.

This action shows the calendars for related schedulable objects, so make the items that are related to the process schedulable (for example, CI and User), rather than the process object itself.

To associate a calendar with a process:
  1. In Process Designer, display the Business Object tree.
  2. Expand the tree and select the Action folder for the required module and business object, then in the Actions list, click New.
    A New Action is created, and the Properties grid updates.
  3. Type a Title for the new action (for example, Schedule), and set Allow Association With Window to True, then click .
    Now that you have created the action, you can use it in a process.
  4. In Process Designer, add the new action you created above to the required process diagram.
  5. Display the Properties grid for the action in the process diagram.
  6. Set Display as a Calendar in Web Access? to True, then click .
    The process is saved. When the action is used in Web Access, the calendar control appears for all of the schedulable objects associated with the current process.