Completing windows

Most of the controls on windows in Web Access behave like standard controls. More information, however, is provided below about some of the controls:

Formatting toolbar – some text boxes may have been configured to display HTML formatted text. These fields will include a toolbar that enables you to format the text in the box, and also to add a hyperlink.

To add a hyperlink, select the text that you want to use as the link, then click .

Depending on the browser you are using, you can include images in HTML fields by:

You can resize images if you use the Firefox browser.

Text boxes – empty multi-line text boxes appear on screen with a small number of lines available, but grow as text is entered and further lines are required.

Related fields – when you complete certain fields on a window (for example, the Full Name field often used on the Incident window), other fields that provide further information about the selected item are automatically completed, such as Phone and Email Address (depending on your implementation).

List boxes – click on a list box to display its contents. If the list contains more than 50 entries, a page control appears at the bottom of the list to enable you to move between the different pages of values.

If you type into a list box, the drop-down list appears showing the values that contain the text you've typed.

Categories – the values in some list boxes are organized hierarchically (the most typical example is Category). For these list boxes, you can expand and contract the tree within the list box by clicking next to the required branch, or pressing the Right arrow key.

When you select a sub-category, the completed list shows the full path to the sub-category, with the different category levels separated by hyphens.

Date fields – most date fields in Web Access are read-only and completed automatically by the system (showing creation and update dates, for example). However, there are times when you can complete a date field yourself. In these instances, when you click next to the date control, a standard date picker appears.

Group boxes – you can show and hide the contents of group boxes on a window by clicking and on the group box's title bar.