Configuring dashboards

Dashboards in Web Access are similar to those available in the Ivanti Console, and you can make console dashboards available in Web Desk. You can add multiple columns to your dashboards, and then add gadgets to those columns. Different gadgets are available to enable you to display query lists, web pages, content pages, links, and counts.

For more information about making Console dashboards available in Web Access, see Using Console dashboards in Web Access.

Dashboard privileges

You can control the configuration of dashboards in Web Access using the following privileges under Configuration Components\Configuration\Designers:

Maintain System Dashboard – enables an analyst to design a system dashboard and set the system home page

Maintain Personal Dashboard – enables an analyst to design a personal dashboard and set their own home page

Personalize Dashboard – enables users to change the width of the columns on a dashboard, drag the different gadgets to new locations on the dashboard, and collapse and expand gadgets

For more information about privileges and roles, see Assigning privileges to groups and roles.