Editing the Self Service color scheme

You can change much of the appearance of Self Service by editing the color scheme used with it, and changing the images used.

Self Service is supplied with a set of color schemes that you can choose to use immediately. Alternatively, you can copy one of the built-in schemes and then edit that copy to meet your requirements. Be aware that editing a color scheme can be a time-consuming activity.

To set the Self Service color scheme:
  1. In Web Desk, click on the toolbar.
    The System preferences page appears.
  2. In the Self Service color scheme list, select the color scheme that you want to use.

You can select the color scheme using the System preferences page AND the My preferences page. If a color scheme is set in My preferences, it takes preference for that user.

To create a new color scheme for Self Service:
  1. Alongside theSelf Service color scheme list, click Edit color schemes.
    The Color Schemes page appears.

You cannot edit the built-in schemes, but can copy them as a starting point for your custom schemes.

  1. Click Copy alongside the Built-in Scheme that best matches the custom scheme that you want to create.
    The New Color Scheme page appears.
  2. Type a Title for the new color scheme.
  3. Use the tabs on the New Color Scheme page to set the required colors and images, then click Save.
    The new color scheme is available from the Color Schemes page.

The tabs on the New Color Scheme page include a preview of the section of the color scheme being edited, and controls that enable you to set colors or upload images.

The color controls include a drop-down that displays available colors, and a text box into which you can type the hex triplet for the required color (in the form #RRGGBB, where RR, GG, and BB are the hexadecimal values for red, green, and blue). Some of the color fields have two color controls, to enable you to apply a color gradient.

To change the company logo in the Self Service toolbar:
  1. On the Header and frame tab of the Color Scheme page, click New alongside Logo image.
    The New Web Image page appears.
  2. Type a Title for the image.
    This is the title that appears in the Logo image list.
  3. Alongside Image, click Browse.
    The File Upload dialog appears.
  4. Browse for and select the image you want to use, then click Open.
    The path to the image is added to the Image field.
  5. Save the changes.
    The new logo is available in the Logo image list.

The maximum height for the logo is 50 pixels. There is no maximum width for the logo, but if your logo is too wide it will extend under the other controls on the toolbar.

You can change the background image used behind the document area in a similar manner, using the Background images field on the Header and frame tab.