Searching for answers in Web Access

Ivanti Web Access includes a mechanism for searching for knowledge articles and previously logged items, such as incidents.

For information about setting up knowledge searching, see Configuring knowledge management.

End-users that search using Self Service see only knowledge articles in the results list: they will not see any previously logged incidents.

To search for information:
  1. In the Search box, type the words that you want to search for, then click .
    The search results appear.
  2. To see the complete record for a result in the list, click it.
    The parent object for the result appears. (For example, if you click an entry for an Incident Closure, the Incident window appears.)

You can use the boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT, and the wildcard characters * and ?to search for multiple and single wildcards respectively – although you cannot use * and ? as the first character in a search string.
You can also use the ~ character followed by a number to specify that the words you are searching for must be near to each other.
For example, "server reboot"~2 indicates that the words server and reboot can be up to two words apart, not counting excluded words.

There are several reserved, special characters for Knowledge Management:
+ - && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \
If you use a special character other than *, ?, or ~ you will receive an error message. To avoid this error message, you can either remove the special character, or ignore it using the \ character in front of it.
For example, look! will give an error, but look\! will run.