Linking processes together

You can link different processes in a one-to-many relationship, linking one parent process to many child processes (Parent-Child linking). This is useful when you identify a root issue that has a number of existing processes raised against it, or if you have a primary process that causes a number of secondary processes.

You can also link processes across modules. For example, you could link multiple incidents to a single problem, which defines their underlying cause. This problem can then be linked to the multiple changes that are needed to fix the problem. When the changes are all completed, the problem is closed, which in turn resolves the incidents. You specify the amount of manual interaction required for these steps in your process designs.

You cannot link a child process to a parent process that has a CLOSED status, and you cannot link two parent processes.

Using Parent-Child linking, you can:

Process linking is configured in the Object Designer component in the Console. For more information, see Parent-child relationships.