Changing the Self Service toolbar and group images

The toolbar buttons and the icons that are available to use when you add a new group to the Self Service navigation bar are edited in a similar way. Both use a single graphic file that comprises a strip of icons that is 24 pixels high and a multiple of 24 pixels long. You can use images that are in either GIF or PNG format.

The icons on the toolbar image strip are in a set order, with Self Service determining which image to display for which button by its location in the image strip.

A typical toolbar strip is of the form:

with the icons in the order: Home, Mail, Print, Preferences, System preferences, Help, Change password, Log off, and Switch to Self Service.

A typical group images strip is of the form:

For the group images strip, you need to create two strips for each color scheme – one for the selected groups and one for the unselected groups.

To use different image strips in a color scheme:
  1. From the System preferences page, open the Color Schemes page, then edit the required Custom Scheme.
  2. On the Header and frame page, click New alongside the Toolbar button images list.
    The New Web Image page appears.
  3. Type a Title for the strip, then click Browse.
    The File Upload dialog appears.
  4. Browse to and select your new image strip, then click Open.
    The path to the image is added to the Image box.
  5. Click Save and close.
    The New Web Image page closes.
  6. On the Header and frame page, select the new image strip in the Toolbar button images list.
    The toolbar in the preview area updates.
  7. Similarly, add new Group images and Selected group images on the Navigation bar page, then select them, and save the changes.