Creating a cross-module triage process

As a support analyst, there are times when you receive a call and need to capture information from the caller before you know what kind of process you need to log. You can create a triage process so that you can capture the initial information from the caller before choosing the appropriate process from across all modules. The method for setting up a triage process involves creating a shortcut to a window for the Process object that includes the Lifecycle attribute.

This functionality is available in Web Access and Workspaces, but not in the Ivanti Console.

To create a triage process:
  1. In Window Manager, create a window for the Process Management\Process object.
  2. Add the fields for the information you want to collect.

You can add only fields that are on the parent Process object, and not from the children of Process, such as Change or Request.

Remember to add the fields inside a group box. We recommend adding only a few fields: for just the information that you must initially capture, such as Raise User, Description, and Title. You can capture any additional information after you have chosen the appropriate process.

  1. Add the Lifecycle attribute to the window, then save the changes.
  2. In Web Access, add a process shortcut to the shortcut bar, or a process link to a dashboard. Set the Module to Process Management and the Object to Process.

You do not need to select a Lifecycle.

If you add the shortcut to the shortcut bar in Self Service, it will appear in the Self Service section of Workspaces.

When you run the triage process, you complete the process window and select the required process from the Lifecycle drop-down, which lists all active processes. When you click Save, the information you have captured is saved and the appropriate window and actions appear for the process you selected.