Adding appointments using a process action

When you have completed the earlier design work, you can add appointments as part of a process using Web Access. When you add an appointment as part of a process, the appointment is added to all of the schedulable objects associated with the process. You can then edit or delete these appointments individually.

The example used in the procedure below assumes you have made the CI and Analyst objects schedulable, and that you have created an action on a Change process called Schedule that has the Allow Association With Window property set to True.

To add appointments using a process action:
  1. Progress the process to the status where the Schedule action is available.
  2. Click Schedule in the Actions list.
    The calendar control appears, with a row displayed for each schedulable object associated with the process. For example: there is a separate row for the Raise User, the current assigned user, and a row for each CI that has been added to the process.

The Create and Update users do not appear in the calendar unless they are otherwise associated with the process. (For example, if the Create User is also the Current Assigned Analyst, then they will still appear on the calendar.)

  1. Double-click the calendar control.
    The Appointment window for the object appears.
  2. Complete the Appointment window as required, then click OK.
    The appointment is added to every schedulable object associated with the process, and appears on every row of the calendar control.

Double-clicking an appointment on the calendar displays the Appointment window for that appointment. If the selected appointment is associated with the current process, you can edit or delete the appointment; if the selected appointment is not associated with the current process, you can only view it. After adding the appointments, you can edit or delete them individually.

  1. Click Save and close.
    The Schedule action completes, the appointments are saved, and the process window reappears.