The Web Desk toolbar

The toolbar is a banner across the top of the application that provides access to a number of features:

Home – redisplays the page that you have specified as your home page.

Mail – creates an e-mail containing a link to the current Web Desk page.

Print – prints the current page, for example the incident window or the query results list that is displayed.

My preferences and System preferences – enables you to customize the appearance of Web Desk. (See User preferences and System preferences.)

Change password – enables you to change your Service Desk or Asset Manager password.

Change password is not available if you are using integrated logon.

Log off – logs you off from Web Access. You are automatically logged off after a period of inactivity, but we recommend that users log off manually when they are finished using Web Access to release the license that they are using more promptly.

Switch to Self Service / Switch to Web Desk – enables analysts to switch between Web Desk and Self Service.

Help – displays the help system.

Search – enables you to search the database for process IDs, text that appears in processes, and so on.

For information about configuring how the Search toolbar works, see Configuring the Search toolbar. By default, when an end-user logs into Self Service, the same Search control is available in the toolbar as is available in Web Desk. However, end-users in Self Service search only through knowledge data – they will not see process data.

Time zone – as Web Access is a web application, it is important that you use the Time zone control to set your current time zone.

Current group – enables you to select the user group that you are currently working in. This can change the shortcut groups that are available to you and the contents of certain workload lists and other group-dependent queries.

For more information about user groups, see Groups.

The toolbar reports the Title field of the user account that you are logged in as. If you hold the mouse pointer over the Title, the Name field of the user account appears in a popup.