What are articles?

Articles are the items that you create when you have specific knowledge that you want to share with other analysts or your customers. You use articles to capture this knowledge, and within that article, you can specify the common causes of the problem, symptoms caused by the problem, and how to resolve the problem. You can also categorize the type of article you are creating, for example, How To information or Patch information. To ensure that the search engine will rank the answer highly in the list of results, an article can contain a set of keywords or phrases that a user may commonly search for.

Articles are available only if you have a Service Desk license.

If your service desk supports users in different languages, you can create multilingual articles so that users have access to knowledge in their preferred language - even in languages in which Service Desk is not available.

For information about creating a multilingual system, see the Designer Guide.

Processes dictate how information becomes knowledge. This means that you can design a rich process for enlisting the help of subject matter experts to create this knowledge and also means that you can control which information is included in the knowledge database: only articles at a Completed status (such as Approved) appear in the knowledge database. You can modify your Article processes using the Process Designer component, and you can create service level agreements to apply to your Article processes to help you to manage their progress using the Administration component.

For information about modifying a process such as the Article process, see the Designer Guide. For information about Service Level Management, see the Administrator Guide.

You can also version-control your knowledge articles. For more information, see Version control of articles.