Customizing the console knowledge results list

You can customize the knowledge results in console by changing:

The following procedure describes how to change which attributes appear in the results list, and the order in which they appear.

For information about changing the style sheet that controls the appearance of the list, see Configuring the appearance of your console search results.

To change the attributes in the results list:
  1. Start the Knowledge Management Administration component, and expand the Configuration tree.
  2. Double-click the required business object. For example, Process.
  3. In the Attributes tree, select the required attribute (for example, Title), then on the Actions list, click Add to Search Layout.
    The attribute appears beneath the Search Layout node in the Attributes tree.
  4. If required, add more attributes to the Search Layout.
  5. Save your changes.
    When you next search the knowledge base, the returned results for that business object will appear in the order of your Search Layout.

If you have set up your Search Layout and the results return a NULL value on a listed attribute, then you need to ensure that you have set up a Search Type on that attribute. Null values are returned when you have included the business object in the search, but have a Search Type of None on the attribute.

To change the order that attributes appear in the Search Layout, select the required Search Layout attribute in the Attributes list, then on the Actions list, click Move Up or Move Down.
To remove attributes from the Search Layout, select the required Search Layout attribute, then on the Actions list, click Delete Attribute. This removes the attribute from the search layout, but does not delete the attribute from the business object.