Creating articles

Articles are controlled by a process in Service Desk: you write the article, then it gets approved or rejected, and finally it is submitted to the knowledge database. You cannot delete articles: when an article is no longer required, you can Retire it, which removes it from the knowledge database.

The exact process for creating an article depends on your organization's Article process. For information about designing processes, see the Designer Guide.
You can create articles only if you have a Service Desk license.

The easiest way to create an article is from a shortcut to an article process in Web Desk. For information about adding a shortcut to a process in Web Desk, see the Web Access Administrator Guide.

To create an article:
  1. In the Web Desk, click the New Article shortcut.
    The Article window appears.
  2. Type a Title for the article.
  3. Select the required Type for the article.
  4. Complete any remaining relevant information on the Article window, and specify an expiry date.

The expiry date for the article ensures that obsolete information is removed from the database when the knowledge is next rebuilt.

  1. Click Save.
    The Actions list appears.

Depending on the Article process that you have created, you may have other available actions. For example, Add Attachment, Add Cause and so on. You can do these before you submit the article.

  1. In the Actions list, click Submit.
    The article is submitted for approval, and if approved will be submitted to the knowledge database.
  2. In the Actions list, click Approve.
    The article is approved and is submitted to the knowledge database.

You can view the articles in your knowledge database by creating a query on the Knowledge Management\Article object and adding a shortcut to this query in Web Desk. For more information, see the Designer Guide and the Web Access Administrator Guide.

Alternatively, you can create articles using the Articles tree () in the Knowledge Management Administration component in console.