Adding keywords

Keywords are specific words that a user will commonly use when searching knowledge. You can specify keywords for an article so that it is more likely to appear in a search result.

There are two ways that you can associate keywords with an article:

For information about using the designers, see the Designer Guide. For information about including attributes in knowledge searches, see Searching specific attributes in a business object.

Your system will have been configured to use one of these methods.

To add keywords to an article as an attribute:
  1. Open the required article.
  2. In the Keywords/Tags box, type the required keyword, then click Save.
To add keywords to an article using an action:
  1. Open the required article, then on the Actions list, click Add Keyword.
    The Add Keyword window appears.
  2. Type the required keyword, then click Save.
    The Keyword is added to the Keywords tab and Article tree.

To edit a keyword, double-click it either on the Keywords tab or Article tree.