Knowledge domains

You can place the items within the knowledge database into different domains and then limit access to those different domains. This enables you to control which groups can see which information in knowledge searches. For example, you may want to prevent all groups apart from HR from seeing information about salary and bonuses.

To create a knowledge domain category:
  1. In the Administration component, expand the Categories tree.
  2. Expand the Knowledge Management folder, then select the Knowledge Domain Category folder.
  3. On the Actions list, click New Knowledge Domain Category.
    The Knowledge Domain Category window appears.
  4. Specify a name for the category and if required, specify any additional information.
  5. Click .
  6. Repeat as required.

You can create any number of categories and sub-categories. However, to keep it manageable, we recommend creating no more than four levels.

You can now link these knowledge domain categories with groups and with articles. For information about linking the categories to groups, see Specifying the knowledge domains for groups.