Populating the Knowledge Search collection

You can add a behavior – Automatic Search – to an object using Object Designer that provides an action called Populate Search Matches. This enables you to design a process that automatically populates a Knowledge Search collection with the best matches from a knowledge search based on configured attributes.

The Automatic Search behavior also provides an action called Complete Search that you can use in Self Service to provide end-users with suggested solutions to incidents that they log. For more information about this functionality, see the Web Access Administrator Guide.

The Populate Search Matches action

When you add the Automatic Search behavior to an object, a Populate Search Matches action becomes available that you can use in their processes. This action uses the text set in attributes with the Is AutoSearch? property to True in Object Designer to generate a knowledge search and then populate the Search Matches collection with the top 10 results. You can use this action with an Action Instance, an Automatic Action Instance, or an Optional Action Instance.

For information about using Object Designer and Process Designer, see the Designer Guide.

If you use both the Populate Search Matches and the Complete Search actions in the same process, you may generate duplicate results.