Mapping event attributes to process attributes

When you have created an event action, you need to map the Event Manager attributes that have been added to the Event table by your external system to attributes on the business object for the process.

To map event attributes to process attributes:
  1. In the Event Manager Configuration tree, select Mapping beneath the required process action, then in the Actions list, click Modify Mapping.
    The Mapping dialog appears.

  1. Drag the Source attributes (from the external application) to the corresponding Target (Service Desk or Asset Manager) attributes.

Make sure you map Source attributes to Target attributes that are of the same data type.

Certain attributes on both the Target and the Source are unsuitable for mapping, because they have special meanings within the application.

From the Source attributes, DO NOT map:
Creation Date
Is Processed
Last Update

DO NOT map to Target attributes that have special properties in Service Desk or Asset Manager, such as:
Reference Number
Raise Date
and so on.

When you map Source attributes to Target attributes that are on related objects, you can map only to the "Is Name" attribute on the Target (Service Desk or Asset Manager) object.

  1. When you have configured the required mappings, click OK.

Processing events that perform attach or detach actions

Event Manager can process events that attach or detach other processes to the current process (for example, adding a Child Incident to the current Incident).

When you create the mapping for this type of event, the Target is the linking object between the two process objects. This contains two Reference Numbers – one for the process that the action is being performed on, and one for the process that is being attached or detached. You need to map to only one of these Reference Numbers – to identify the process that you are attaching or detaching; Event Manager already knows what the current process is. For example, with an event that performs an Add Child Incident action, you need to map the Source parameter that contains the Reference Number for the Child Incident to the Child.Reference Number in the Target.

Link Table Mapping dialog