Testing the Event Manager service

You can test the Event Manager service independently of the Event Manager command line executables, which may be helpful when debugging your configuration. This can help you to decide whether any problem is with the configuration of Event Manager, or with the configuration of the external application.

Make sure that you have configured the Event Manager service correctly, as described in Configuring the Framework web application.

To test the Event Manager service:
  1. In a web browser, open http://server/servicedesk.framework/EventLog.asmx?op=PostEvent.
    Where server is the name of the server hosting the Event Manager web service, and servicedesk.framework is the name of the virtual directory.
  2. Add some values to the fields displayed, then click Invoke.
    The values should appear in the Event Manager query list.

You can test the Send event by replacing PostEvent in the URL with SendEvent.