Logging events using a URL

If your third party application cannot run the Event Logging executables (for example from a Linux server), you can generate events using a URL that contains the parameters required for the event included in it.

There are two URLs you can use: PostMessage.aspx and SendMessage.aspx. PostMessage.aspx creates an event that is processed when the Event Manager service next polls, SendMessage.aspx processes the event immediately. We recommend that you use PostMessage.aspx in normal use.

For information about configuring URL outputs from your third party application, see the documentation provided with that application.

The URL required is of the form:

http://server/ServiceDesk.Framework/PostMessage.aspx?source=<Event Source>&type=<Event Type>&title=<Event Title>[&desc=<Description>&ci=<Configuration Item>&priority=<Priority>&status=<Status>&p1=<Parameter1>&p2=<Parameter2>&p3=<Parameter3>]

where server/ServiceDesk.Framework is the name of the server and virtual directory that host the Framework web application (usually the Web server).

All parameters from <Description> onwards are optional.

For example:

http://server/ServiceDesk.Framework/PostMessage.aspx?source=Nagios&type=Server Down&title=Server is Down&ci=WebServer1&status=Status_BAD


The easiest way to launch a URL from a Linux application is to use the wget command. The syntax to run the request silently and not save the result is as follows:

wget -q "http://server/ServiceDesk.Framework/PostMessage.aspx?source=..." -O /dev/null