Setting up the Event Logging executables

To enable your third party application to communicate with the Event Manager services, you need to copy two *.exe files from your Web Server to the third party system.

There are two executables available to run from your network management tool: PostEvent.exe and SendEvent.exe. PostEvent.exe creates an event that is processed when the Event Manager service next polls, SendEvent.exe processes the event immediately. We recommended that you use PostEvent.exe in normal use.

To set up the Event Logging executables:
  1. From the C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\Framework\EventLogging folder on the Web server, copy the following files to a location on your third party application server that the user account running the third party application can access.
  2. In a text editor, open PostEvent.exe.config and SendEvent.exe.config.
  3. In both of the config files, edit the line:
    so that it points to the URL for the Framework web application that you want to use with Event Manager.
    This is usually on your Web server.
  4. Configure your third party application so that it sends a command line string to call either PostEvent.exe or SendEvent.exe.

For information about configuring command line outputs from your third party application, see the documentation provided with that application.

The command line is of the form:

PostEvent "<Event Source>" "<Event Type>" "<Event Title>" "[<Description>]" "[<Configuration Item>]" "[<Priority>]" "[<Status>]" "[<Parameter1>]" "[<Parameter2>]" "[<Parameter3>]"

The parameters must be in the order specified above. Event Source, Event Type, and Event Title are mandatory parameters. The remaining parameters, shown in [square brackets], are optional.

For example:

PostEvent "SolarWinds" "SystemDown" "Server Down" "Server is Down" "WebServer1" "" "Status_BAD"

Uses the PostEvent executable, and sets values for Event Source, Event Type, Event Title, Description, and Configuration Item, sets no value for Priority, and then sets a value for Status.

The Event Source, Event Title and Description parameters can be any text of your choice to describe the event. These are then used in the event conditions you configure in the Event Manager component.