Auditing desktop integration actions

You can track the history of desktop integration actions performed on a CI by defining a default query for the Configuration Item Audit Item object.

To enable the auditing of desktop integration actions:
  1. Make sure your desktop integration is set up and working properly, as described earlier.
  2. In Query Designer, create a system query based on the Configuration Item Audit Item object in the Configuration Management object.
  3. Add the attributes Function, Value, and Process Class Type.Title to the query, and save it.
  4. In Object Designer, open the Configuration Management\Configuration Item Audit Item object.
  5. On the Properties grid, alongside the Default Query property, select the query that you have just created, then click .

When you change the Default Query property, it is saved immediately – not when you save the changes to the object.

To view the desktop integration audit trail:

Make sure the Show Plugin Menu property for the appropriate CI window in Window Manager is set to True.

  1. Open the window for the CI that you want to view the audit trail for.
  2. Right-click the CI window, then click CI Audit Trail.
    The CI audit trail dialog appears, displaying the results of the query you created above.