Configuring Desktop Integration for ZENworks

When the Remote Management View has been installed on each client computer, you can configure the settings in the Desktop Manager component of Console.

To configure ZENworks in Desktop Manager:
  1. In Console, start Desktop Manager.
  2. On the Management Systems tree, double-click the ZENworks CM node.
  3. In the property grid, ensure that the ZENworks VNC path is correct.
  4. On the Actions list, click New Connection.
    The New Connection properties grid appears.
  5. Alongside the ZENworks Control Center address property, type the required path.
    For example, vmzen10.vmlddom.local/zenworks.
  6. Leave the Remote Control Port as 5950.
  7. Alongside the Field Name for ZENworks GUID property, type the Name (not title) of the attribute on the business object that contains the value of the ZENworks Device GUID. For example, _SerialNumber.

This value is case-sensitive and you can find it by looking at the attribute properties of the business object in Object Designer.

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