Importing data from your Desktop Management System

Before you can import data from your Desktop Management System to create configuration items within Service Desk or Asset Manager, you need to create a connection to the database. If you are using Endpoint Manager or ZENworks, then you can create the required connections using the relevant node on the Connections tree.

If you are using SCCM, then you need to create a Generic Data Source connection to the SCCM database using the Data Connections component, and then specify from which table you want to import data.

When you have created this connection and connection type, you can map the fields in your existing data sources to attributes in Service Desk or Asset Manager, and import the data using the Data Import component.

To create a new connection:
  1. In Console, start Data Connections, select the relevant connector, then on the Actions list click New Connection.
    A new connection appears beneath the relevant connector in the Connections tree.
  2. Type a name for the connection, then press Enter.
  3. Using the Properties grid, set up the required connection properties.
  4. Click to test the connection to your database.
    If the connection fails, check your database details, then test the connection again.
  5. Click to save the new connection.

To delete or rename an existing connection, right-click the connection, then select the relevant option.

The next step is to create a connection type to select the database table from which you want to import the data, and the attributes that you want to import.

To create a new connection type:
  1. On the Data Connections tree, click the connection, then in the Actions list, click New Connection Type.
    A new connection type appears beneath the relevant connection.