Modifying windows to show desktop management menus

After you have made a connection to your desktop management system, you can configure the windows (such as the Configuration Item window) or related attributes (such as the Configuration Item attribute on the Incident window) to have access to the desktop management shortcut menu.

You do this by showing the plugin menu on either the window or the related attribute on a window. When you have configured the required windows, users can right-click the window or related attribute to access the desktop management shortcut menu.

This shortcut menu will not work if you have not set up your Desktop Manager connection correctly.

To modify the required windows:
  1. In Console, start Window Manager.
  2. On the Business Objects tree, locate and open the required window.

You can modify the window, or specific related attributes on the window.

  1. If you are modifying the window, ensure that you have the window selected, then click to display the Properties grid.

If you are modifying related attributes on a window, see step 7.

  1. Alongside the Show Plugin Menu property, select True.
  2. Click .
  3. Repeat as required for the windows for the business objects you specified earlier. For example, you may have different windows for PC, Workstation, Server and so on.
  4. If you are modifying a related attribute on a window, select the relevant attribute, then expand the Properties grid.
  5. Alongside the Show Plugin Menu property, select True.
  6. Click .

Using Window Manager, you can test the window to ensure it appears as expected. You can also test to see whether the desktop management menu appears. To do this, on the Actions list, click Test Window. Right-click either the window or related attribute and the Desktop Management shortcut menu appears. Click End Test.

If you set up a related attribute with the desktop management shortcut menu, then the menu is available only on that attribute, and not on the window. If you use the process window to select a Configuration Type and Item that you have not connected to using the Management Systems tree, then you will not see this shortcut menu.