Displaying User and Device Profile pages in Ivanti Workspaces

If you have both Ivanti Endpoint Manager and either Service Desk or Asset Manager installed and configured to work with Workspaces, you can access User and Device Profile pages from within Ivanti Workspaces.

BridgeIT is the name of the underlying web application that provides Ivanti Workspaces. To use Ivanti Endpoint Manager with Workspaces, you must set the Logon policy for the BridgeIT application in Configuration Center to Token only. For information about configuring BridgeIT to connect to both Service Desk / Asset Manager and Ivanti Endpoint Manager, see Adding the Ivanti Endpoint Manager database schema as a module and the documentation provided with Ivanti Endpoint Manager. For information about using Service Desk or Asset Manager features in Workspaces, see the separate Workspaces help.

The BridgeIT connector in Desktop Manager includes two connections: Device Linking (Management Suite), and User Linking (Management Suite). The User Linking (Management Suite) has a single connection type, User – Network Logins, which is for information only, and which you cannot edit. This specifies the Network Login attribute on the Service Desk or Asset Manager user as the unique identifier for the connection. For the Device Linking (Management Suite) connector, you can add new business objects and specify corresponding unique identifiers in the same way as you can for the LDMS connector.

For information about adding Network Login using the Administration component, see Setting up users to use integrated or secure token logon.

If the user has more than one Network Login defined, then the one with Is Primary set to True is used.

When you have set up BridgeIT in this way, and signed in to Ivanti Workspaces using your Active Directory credentials, then clicking the User label on a process window, or clicking the user image icon in the header of the application, displays the User Profile page for the logged on user if the user profile information is available in Ivanti Endpoint Manager. If the user profile information is NOT available in Ivanti Endpoint Manager, the links are not available.

If you have set up connections for the Device Linking (Management Suite), then on any Configuration Item or Asset window for an item that has one of these connections, a link appears on the label. Clicking this link displays the corresponding Device Profile page.