Avoiding re-authorizing items in a bundle

Usually, your Request processes will start with some authorization steps, where different people or roles are asked to confirm that the request is valid and appropriate. If an end-user requests a bundle, you will typically require authorization for the bundle and not for the individual items in the bundle. This means that when a Bundle Request creates its Child Requests, you want the Child Requests to ignore any authorization steps that are included in them.

One way of achieving this is to set a boolean value on the Child Request to True as part of the Bundle process. You can then use a decision on the Child Requests that bypasses the authorization steps if the value is set to True.

To design Request processes that bypass the authorization steps in child processes:
  1. Add a boolean attribute called Is Parent a Bundle Process? to the Request object. Set its Default Value to False.
  2. Add this attribute to the Request window as a check box. In the Bundle process, double-click the Create Child Request automatic action and select the Is Parent a Bundle Process? check box on the Request window. You can then remove the check box from the window. This sets the value of Is Parent a Bundle Process? to True for the Child Requests.
  3. Create a Condition for the Request domain called Is Parent A Bundle? that tests if the Is Parent a Bundle Process? attribute equals True.
    You have already designed this attribute to be False by default, so it can be True only for a Request that was created as a Child Request of a Bundle Request.
  4. For each of your Request processes, add a Decision based on the Is Parent A Bundle? condition. Use the Yes path from the Decision to bypass the authorization steps, and the No path to direct the process to the authorization steps.

For more information about Object Designer and Process Designer, see the Designer Guide.