Creating Bundles

The Bundles tab enables you to group services together into a Bundle, which can then be requested by end-users as a single item from the Service Catalog.

To create a Bundle:
  1. Click the Bundles tab.
  2. In the Actions list, click New Bundle.
    The New Bundle window appears.
  3. Complete the required fields, then click OK.
    The Bundle is added to the Bundles tree.

You can modify the Bundle window using Window Manager to edit the Configuration Management\Bundle window.

  1. Select the Bundle that you want to add services to in the Bundles tree.
  2. Select the services that you want to add to the Bundle in the list, then in the Actions list, click Add Selected.
    The services are added to the Bundle in the Bundles tree.

You can remove items from a Bundle by selecting them in the Bundles tree, then clicking the Remove From... action.