Defining Business and Technical Services

Business Services are those services that are used by your end-users, whereas Technical Services are those services that are used by your analysts to provide the corresponding Business Service. For example, a common Business Service is E-mail, which would have many Technical Services required to deliver it, such as software, servers, network hardware, and so on.

The Business or Technical tab enables you to define which CIs are Business Services, and which are Technical Services.

To define Business and Technical Services:
  1. Click the Business or Technical tab.

The Business Services and Technical Services option buttons enable you to change the contents of the list on the right of the screen between those CIs that are Business Services and those that are Technical Services. In this way, you can change CIs between being Business Services or Technical Services.

  1. Select the Business Services option button.
    The list on the right shows those CIs that are Business Services.
  2. Select the CIs from the list that you want to make Technical Services.

You can select multiple CIs by holding CTRL and clicking, or select a range of CIs by holding SHIFT and clicking.

You can reduce the number of entries in the list using the Filter panel, as for other queries.

  1. In the Actions list, click Make Selected Technical Services.
    The selected items are changed to Technical Services and disappear from the list.
  2. Click the Technical Services option button.
    The items that you made Technical Services are in this list. You can make items in the Technical Services list into Business Services by selecting them in this list, then clicking Make Selected Business Services in the Actions list.