What is the Service Catalog?

Ivanti Service Catalog enables you to provide your end-users with a Catalog of services that they can request from a web page.

The Service Catalog comprises two main parts:

You can also extend the Service Catalog by incorporating other features such as the integration with Ivanti Process Manager (LPM) and Ivanti Endpoint Manager. This can enable you to configure a system that automatically deploys a requested software service.

You can also administer CIs and users from within a process to enable you to create new users and CIs, and also link them together as part of a process.

For more information, see the Designer Guide.

If you support users who speak different languages, you can set up a multilingual Service Catalog. This enables users to have access to the same catalog items, but to be able to view them in their own language.

For more information, see the Designer Guide.