Using the Service Catalog

This section describes how to use the Service Catalog from within Self Service.

For information about using Service Catalog in Ivanti Workspaces, see the separate Ivanti Workspaces help center.

To start the Service Catalog:
  1. Log in to Self Service.
  2. Click the Service Catalog group in the navigation bar.
    The Service Catalog starts.

The Catalog Hierarchy appears on the left, so that users can browse for the service they require.

Above the Catalog Hierarchy is a search field that enables users to search for services in the selected part of the hierarchy. You can use * to identify wildcards in these searches.

To the right of the search field is a Request For list, which enables you to request a service on behalf of a user who you are the manager of.

You set the Manager for a user using the Analyst or End User window in the Administration component.

To the right of the Catalog Hierarchy is the list of services that match the criteria you have specified. To view more details about a service, click its entry in the list. To request an item, click Request Service to log the appropriate service request. The appropriate Request window appears with the Requested For field completed with the value set in the Request For field, and the Configuration Item field completed with the name of the selected service.