Configuration Management: Contract

This topic applies to systems using an Asset Manager or Universal license only.

The Contract process is a process for the Contract CI type that provides a basic contract lifecycle.

This process is not intended to be run directly, but is designed to be controlled using related actions from other modules such as Asset Management and Contract Management. For information about related actions, see the Designer Guide.

When you first save an instance of a Contract process, the process moves to the Negotiating status. At this status, you can either Cancel the Contract to move it to an end status or you can Activate Contract, which moves the Contract to the Active status. From the Active status, the Contract can be Terminated using the Terminate Contract action.

The Terminate Contract action is typically run by a scheduled bulk action in Schedule Manager called Terminate Expired Contracts that runs hourly and uses the Contracts For Termination query to identify expired contracts that are not being renewed and terminate them automatically. For information about Schedule Manager, see the Administrator Guide; for details about the Contracts For Termination query, see Contracts For Termination.

When you save changes to the Contract, the Total For Goods and Total For Services are added together automatically to give the Total Value, and the Renewal Date is calculated as being 90 days before the Contract End.

To change the Renewal Date calculation:
  1. In Object Designer, open Configuration Management\Contract.
  2. In the Attributes tree, click Renewal Date.
  3. In the Properties grid, alongside Calculation Formula, click .
    The Edit Formula dialog appears, containing the following calculation:
import System
static def GetAttributeValue(Contract):
	Value = null
	if Contract.ContractEnd != null:
		Value = Contract.ContractEnd.AddDays(-90)
		return Value
  1. Edit the line Value = Contract.ContractEnd.AddDays(-90) to set the required number of days before the Contract End date that you want the Renewal Date, then click OK and save the change.

Optional actions for each status:


Optional actions


Attach Line Item
Create Line Item
Detach Line Item


Attach Line Item
Create Line Item
Detach Line Item