Configuration Management: Laptop

This topic applies to systems using an Asset Manager or Universal license only.

The Laptop process is a process for the Laptop object that provides a basic lifecycle for a Laptop.

This process is not intended to be run directly, but is designed to be controlled using related actions from other modules such as Asset Management and Contract Management. For information about related actions, see the Designer Guide.

When you first save an instance of a Laptop process, the process moves to the Ordered status. At this status, you can either Cancel the Laptop to move it to an end status or you can Receive it, which moves the Laptop into a sequence of actions that control its lifecycle.

When the Laptop has been allocated to a user, you can Repair it, which moves it via the Under Repair status to Available, or you can Retire and then Dispose it.

There are no optional actions at any of the statuses.