Incident Management: Rich Incident

This topic applies to systems using a Service Desk or Universal license only.

The Rich Incident process is an extension to the standard Incident process described in the previous section. As with the standard Incident process, you can choose between a single- or two-step closure mechanism, and you cannot resolve or close an Incident if there are any incomplete Tasks. The extensions to the standard Incident process are detailed below.

If you select the Notify Originator check box on the Resolution window, the person to whom the Incident is currently assigned is notified that the Incident has been resolved. (This is done using a reminder as an automatic action.)

There are four actions available when the Incident is at the Open status that, although not strictly optional actions, behave like optional actions in that they do not move the process towards the Closed status: Assign To Me, Add Note, With Customer, and With 3rd Party all return to the Open status before the process can proceed to Closed.

The Add Note section of the process uses a reminder as an automatic action to notify the originator and/or current assignee for the Incident that a note has been added to the Incident. The Note window includes two check boxes to specify which of these notifications are required. The Send Date field on the Reminder windows includes the following calculation to make the reminder be sent immediately:

import System
static def GetAttributeValue(Reminder):
Value = DateTime.UtcNow
return Value

The Assign To Me action, which enables an analyst to assign the Incident to themselves and their current group with a single mouse-click, is also available from the With Customer and With 3rd Party statuses.

The With Customer and With 3rd Party sections of the process automatically stop the service level clock when the Incident is with a customer or 3rd party for them to provide you with some information. When the customer or 3rd party provides the necessary information, the Back From Customer/3rd Party actions return the Incident to the Open status and automatically restart the service level clock. You can also add notes that include reminder notifications to the originator and/or current assignee while the Incident it is with a customer or 3rd party.

Assignment details:

ID from above



Incident/Suggested Group


Incident/Current Assignment/User
Incident/Current Assignment/Group
Incident/Current Assignment/Role

Optional actions for each status:


Optional actions


Add Assignment
Add Attachment
Add Change
Add Child Incident
Add Linked Knowledge
Add Parent Incident
Add Problem
Add Task
Create Change
Create Child Incident
Create Problem
Detach Change
Detach Child Incident
Detach Linked Knowledge
Detach Problem

With Customer

Add Attachment

With 3rd Party

Add Attachment


Add Attachment



The actions that create linked processes (for example, Create Change) will be available at runtime only if the linked process that is specified has been activated.