Incident Management: Incident with Survey

This topic applies to systems using a Service Desk or Universal license only.

The Incident with Survey process is a version of the standard Incident process with the option of sending a simple end-user survey after the Incident is resolved.

For details about the Optional Actions at each status, see the Incident process.

By default, every tenth Incident is selected for surveying. If the Raise User for the selected Incident has opted out of surveys, then the Complete Survey action is not available. You can change the frequency at which the Complete Survey action becomes available by changing a value in a calculation on the condition called Survey?. To change the frequency of surveys, you need to replace this condition with a new one with a different frequency specified.

To change the survey frequency:
  1. Create a new Condition in Process Designer.
  2. In the Condition's Properties grid, select Calculation alongside Condition Type.
  3. Alongside Calculation Formula in the Properties grid, click .
    The Edit Formula dialog appears.
  4. Enter the following calculation:
import System
static def GetAttributeValue(Incident):
	Frequency = 10
	is_divisible = false
	if Incident.RaiseUser != null:
		if Incident.RaiseUser._DoNotSurvey == null:
			is_divisible = (Incident.Id % Frequency == 0)
		if Incident.RaiseUser._DoNotSurvey != null:
			if Incident.RaiseUser._DoNotSurvey.ToString() == 'False':
				is_divisible = (Incident.Id % Frequency == 0)
	return is_divisible
  1. Edit the line Frequency = 10 to set the required survey frequency, then click OK and save the change.

We recommend that this is the only line of the calculation that you change. Make sure you do not change the indentation of the lines – this affects how the calculation is interpreted.

For more information about calculations, see the Designer Guide.

  1. Replace the Survey? condition in the process with the new condition and save the changes.

Using the Survey

When the incident is resolved, a Complete Survey action becomes available after the configured number of Incidents have been resolved. The originator of the Incident (that is the person for whom the Incident was logged) is sent a reminder to notify them that there is a survey for them to complete. You could use Process Approver to send this reminder as an e-mail containing a link to the Survey through Web Desk.

For more information about configuring Process Approver, see the Process Designer chapter of the Designer Guide.