Configuring incoming telephony

You can configure telephony to identify callers from their phone number and to provide a number of different options on how to handle the call, for example by populating a new incident with the telephony information. The Service Desk components that you can make telephony-aware in this way are query results or processes (for example, New Incident).

To make Web Desk shortcuts telephony aware:
  1. In Web Desk, right-click a query or process shortcut, then click Properties.
    The Shortcut properties dialog appears.
  2. Select the Is telephony aware? check box, then click OK.
    The query or process will appear in future on the What do you want to do? menu in the Telephony client.

You can also make query and process shortcuts telephony aware when you create them.

You can also configure Console components to be telephony-aware by setting the Is telephony aware property to True on the Component Maintenance dialog for a Workspace or Query Results View component. Any shortcuts in Console that are telephony aware are also telephony aware in Web Desk.