Identifying people from incoming calls

You can configure Service Desk to search through your user and group records to find the incoming phone number and so identify the caller. You can specify the order that Service Desk searches through the database looking for matches. This means that if you have an analyst and an end-user with the same telephone number, then the first record that matches the incoming number appears first in the list of names.

To configure how Service Desk identifies callers:
  1. In the Ivanti Console, on the Settings menu, click System.
    The System Settings page appears.
  2. Under the Telephony section, click alongside Telephony search rules.
    The Search Phone Rules dialog appears.

  1. In the Available Items list, select the items you want to search for, and click .
    The item is added to the Selected items list. Service Desk will search through all attributes of String SubDataType PhoneNumber for the selected items.

For more information about creating attributes on business objects, see the Ivanti Service Desk Designer Guide.

  1. Use the Up and Down buttons to set the search order, then click OK.
    The Search Phone Rules dialog closes.
  2. If you want the search to return results from other selected items, sorted in the order that the Selected Items are set, set the Return all matches property to True.
  3. Click Save icon.