Creating metrics

Metrics are the numeric values calculated every night from the results of filter queries, which are then plotted on Trend charts in Web Access.

To create a metric:
  1. In the Management Information component, expand the MI tree and select the Metrics folder under the required KPI and service.
  2. On the Actions list, click New Metric.
    The Metric page appears.

  1. Type a Name and Description for the metric.
  2. In the Name list in the Query group box, click [New] or select the required query.

Not all queries that you create are available to use as the basis of a metric for Management Information. The queries used by the Management Information component are filter queries. For more information about creating filter queries, see Filters.

You need to include a date criterion in your filter query so that the metric relates to a specific time period. If you create a criterion of the form Is Within the Previous, the filter selects only data from within that time period; if you create a criterion of the form Is Between, the Management Information Engine replaces these dates whenever it runs. If you want to build up historical data using the Management Information Engine, you would set a date criterion to collect data only from the previous day.

  1. Create the required equation from the query results using the metric equation editor.

For more information about using the equation editor, see Creating an equation.

  1. Click .
    The metric is saved.