What is Ivanti Management Information?

Ivanti Management Information enables you to create trend charts to display how the performance of key metrics change over time. The performance of a service is determined by calculating metrics from your Service Desk or Asset Manager data. You can group the metrics under the different services that you support, and then group these services under Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


A metric calculates a numeric value from the results of a filter query, which can then be plotted on a trend chart in Web Access. For example, a simple metric would be a count of the results returned by a query run against your database. A more complicated metric could involve determining the availability of a service by creating a query that reports on service downtime, the number of users affected by that downtime, and then using this information to calculate the percentage availability of this service.

The Management Information Engine

The Management Information Engine runs on a server on your network and creates an archive of metric data for each day. This data is then displayed by Ivanti Management Information on its trend charts. In this way, you can monitor changes in how your services have been performing over a period of time.

The Management Information Engine gathers its metric information and stores it separately in your Ivanti database every night, starting at 23:59 in the server's time zone.

For information about setting up and configuring the Management Information Engine, see Setting up the Application Services Server.