Setting up the RSS Item elements

RSS Channels may consist of any number of RSS Items. In Service Desk, an RSS Item represents a record that is returned by a query. The RSS Items consist of a number of different elements. You can set up the following RSS Item elements:

RSS Item Element



The item title.


The URL of the item. If you leave this element blank, the link is automatically generated and will take you to a preview of the RSS Item.

Publication Date

The date when the item was logged.


The item synopsis.

To set up the RSS Item elements:
  1. Drag the appropriate Query Fields into the required boxes in the RSS Item group box to create data placeholders. For example:

The placeholders will return information from the database, such as the RSS Item title or Reference Number. The above setup gives:

You can insert any number of query field placeholders in the RSS Item element boxes.

You can also type text into the RSS Item element boxes. This text is static, and is applied across every RSS Item. For example:

The above setup gives: