Automation with Ivanti Process Manager (LPM)

Combining the Event Manager and web services features described above with Ivanti Process Manager (LPM) and Ivanti Endpoint Manager provides a convenient way for you to provide complex two-way, rules-based integration. For example, you could enable automated request fulfillment and software deployment and removal as part of your standard service delivery. Service Desk or Asset Manager identifies which user requires which service, and handles any authorizations required. This information is then passed to LPM, which manages the request and provides interfaces to tools such as Ivanti Endpoint Manager to automate the delivery of the service request. When LPM has completed the request, it sends this information back to Event Manager so that the Service Request can be completed, and any links between users and services can be updated.

For information about automating request fulfillment and software deployment, see Automated round-trip request fulfillment.